Case Study

Success Case Tranquini

Tranquini GmbH is an Austrian beverage manufacturer based in Vienna. The product range includes relaxing drinks of various sorts, such as hibiscus or cherry. The aim of the cooperation between GSP and Tranquini was to find distribution partners in Europe and North America. In addition, the product should be listed in selected retail chains where the distribution partners have not succeeded in placing it. Tranquini aimed for a first-to-market approach, which means a rapid expansion into many countries. In a first step, GSP was able to establish contact with distributors in 12 countries, including Germany, Spain and the UK, and also to conclude new cooperation trough negotiations. After that the same was realized for 11 other countries, including the USA, Canada and South Africa. In the end, the GSP succeeded in placing Tranquini’s beverages in 10 major retail chains worldwide. This includes REWE Germany and Austria, Walmart South Africa, Whole Foods US and Loblaws Canada. Tranquini was due to this able to exploit the “first mover” advantage and realized a rapid roll-out in Europe and North America.


Success Case Scrub Love

Scrub Love is a manufacturer of coffee peelings approved by the Rainforest Alliance as Fairtrade. The skin care product should provide benefits for the skin soften it and provide it with sufficient moisture and nutrients. The project goal of Scrub Love and GSP was to find distribution partners in Germany and Canada. In addition, the product should be placed in selected retail chains to increase its attractiveness for strong distribution partners. A major challenge was that retail chains were concerned about offering a peeling product for over 10 euros. This could be mastered by first acquiring premium perfumery chains. GSP established contact with distributors in Germany and Canada and brought about the conclusion of various cooperation. Scrub Love products were finally listed in the Douglas Perfumeries Germany, DM Drogerien Deutschland, Rossmann Drogerien Deutschland and Loblaws and Shoopers Drug Mart in Canada.


Success Case Rösch Company

The Rösch Company was founded in 1913 by Georg Rösch in Mannheim as a family business. Today, the head office is in Switzerland, with independent branches in Germany, Austria, Italy, Great Britain and the USA. The product range includes detergents, cleaning and cosmetic products. The aim of the cooperation was to support the Rösch Company in its international development and direct cooperation with the trade. Thereby, introductory products as well as premium products and private labels were processed. The GSP team was able to identify retailer in Poland, UK, Belarus, Russia and Germany, including Woolworth, Morrison’s, Poundland, Kaufland and Auchan. The cooperation has existed for over 10 years.


Success Case Red Bull

The Austrian company Red Bull is considered the founder of the product category Energy Drink. The company has existed since 1980 and has been offering the Red Bull Energy Drink since 1987.
The GSP team supported Red Bull in its market entry in the USA and Canada. In particular, the focus was on the placement of the listings at Walmart and Sam’s Club, which has been successful.


Success Case Lambertz

The Lambertz Group is an internationally operating group with a broad product portfolio in the area of biscuits and is also the world market leader in autumn and Christmas biscuits.
The GSP team supports the Lambertz Group’s sales in Canada, France, Italy and the Benelux countries. For Canada, we have jointly selected a general importer who will receive additional support from a GSP expert and former Nestlé CEO on site. In this way, in addition to the seasonal business in Canada, national services are to be achieved in order to further expand distribution. For the European countries, we have positioned another GSP specialist who has all the buyer contacts, visits the important trade fairs and takes over the sales tasks. The aim of the project is to further develop business in these countries with the national dealers.

Success Case Griesson - de Beukelaer

The family business Griesson – de Beukelaer GmbH & Co. KG is one of the leading biscuit manufacturers in Europe. It offers its sweet and savoury products under various brands.
The GSP team supported Griesson – de Beukelaer with its market entry in Canada. Important contacts were established locally in order to successfully handle listings in connection with Walmart.